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Engineered Polymer Technologies produces strong liners and membranes

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DAF Products
Specialty Fabrics Expo 2013 Booth: 5424

What: Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) expansion bladder membrane

Why: Composite of proprietary TPU reinforced with nylon woven fabric for dimensional stability. High-temperature resistance, low C of F properties for easy release. Hot air, RF and wedge welding compatible. Custom widths and lengths available.

What: EPT XTRM PLY™ tension structure and air-supported dome interior liners

Why: Provides various levels of light diffusion to meet needs of specific applications. Formulated with UV inhibitors to prevent discoloration. Reduces condensation, and is mildew and fungus resistant. Available in three widths.

What: EPT XTRM PLY™ spill response and permanent containment boom membranes

Why: Weights from 28-100 ounces, available in two polymers formulated for containment applications with high and low temperature resistance. Custom widths and lengths available.

SOURCE Engineered Polymer Technologies

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