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Lenderink Technologies supplies molds, adhesives and lamination

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Lenderink Technologies
Specialty Fabrics Expo 2013 Booth: 5334

What: Mold or fold 3-D

Why: Flat, sewable or bondable core stock or backer can be heated and molded into most any 3-D shape and remain in that shape upon cooling. Ideal for vests, signs, covers and structures where shape is needed.

What: DryFilm Adhesive

Why: Thermoset or thermoplastic, flexible or rigid: more than 200 formulas are available for bonding almost anything. Product is fire retardant, FDA approved and breathable, for interior or exterior use.

What: Acoustacore

Why: Use for inner liners or overlays. Can be made into 3-D components and special protection components. Various strengths and densities available in almost any shape or size. Not affected by water.

What: Laminating equipment

Why: For fabrics, foams, overlays and innerplys. State-of-the-art heated nip roll, shoe or belt does the job at the speed needed. Also features special 3-D forming units for shaped finished products with and without overlays.

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