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Exclusive formula from TMI LLC improves PVC’s workability

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TMI LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa., has engineered a solution for the difficulties PVC film’s natural tackiness can cause manufacturers. The need for easy PVC separation, folding and unfolding pushed TMI to develop their exclusive Low Cohesion (LC) PVC formula.

PVC film has a natural tendency to stick to itself, which can be useful for providing a seal on a strip door, but can cause problems in applications that require constant folding, unrolling or separation. It was with these problems in mind that manufacturers approached TMI, a PVC manufacturer and extruder. TMI then modified the chemistry of its Premium Grade PVC Film to enhance workability, resulting in a new low-cohesion PVC film formula.

View a side-by-side video comparison between PVC films.

TMI’s Premium Grade LC PVC Film features TMI’s exclusive low cohesion formula, passes NFPA-701 fire rating standards and is UV-stabilized for outdoor exposure.

Source: TMI LLC

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