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Steron® surface technology creates innovative surface textures

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Bauer-Textile and Weyermann Technical Textiles are the strategic partners of BASF SE for the development and distribution of Steron®. The special transfer coating technique is applied to high-quality flexible substrates. Material coated with Steron has a soft handle, is warm to the touch and has an attractive visual appearance. Innovative surface textures can be created without impairing the breathability of the material. Leather, textiles and synthetic materials are just some of the substrates that can be coated with Steron; and it can also be applied to packaging material.

Steron offers virtually limitless scope for creating surface textures, ranging from classic leather grain and velvet effects to geometric patterns or effects that mimic nature.

The first step is to transfer the surfaces texture from the pattern to the mold. A thin layer of Steron is then applied to the mold, and the Steron film is laminated inline to substrates such as textile fabrics, leather, paperboard or plastic film. The finished product is then removed from the mold. Modern laser engraving techniques make it possible to produce molds quickly and economically to individual designs. Steron films have a pleasant, settled appearance, and their porous microscopic structure makes them highly breathable.

Source: BASF

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