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X-GLOO air and water power

Projects | September 1, 2013 | By:

Skywalk GmbH and Co. KG, based in Marquartstein, Germany, likes the fresh air. The company’s products, including paragliders, kite boards and inflatable event tents, all depend upon the power of air to propel or shape them. The X-GLOO event tent system, made up of one or many interconnected igloo-shaped tensioned fabric units, recently added a new family member: the 8 x 8 meter X-Pert. This inflatable bad boy contains an estimated 323 square feet of display space inside, as well as vast printable spaces for branding and marketing information. The robust high-tech nylon cloth forming the X-GLOO is impermeable, protects from UV rays and meets all standards for fire resistance.

On a breezy day at an outdoor event, it might be tough to keep these lightweight and functional tents on the ground. Another new product in the X-GLOO range, Water Ballast Barrels, anchors the event tents to prevent them from blowing away. The barrels supplement existing ballast elements, and each holds up to 21 gallons of water. The filled barrels are connected directly to grommets on the outside of each tubular leg of the inflatable tent. Each ballast barrel cover can be customized with a client logo and also can be used for seating. To check out all the options, visit X-GLOO.

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