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Colombian textiles and apparel events

Industry News | October 1, 2013 | By:

Colombia hosted two major textile and fashion events in 2013 to attract international buyers to its growing textile and fashion apparel industry. The total value of textile exports in Colombia has increased to $342 million, while the overall apparel sector has grown from $595 to $775 million, according to government entity Proexport Colombia. Some of the most popular products among 300 first-time international buyers at Colombiamoda, a fashion event in Medellin, and the 2013 International Children’s Fashion Exposition in Bucaramanga were bathing suits, lingerie and high-quality jeans. Free trade agreements in force in the U.S. and Canada make those countries an attractive target for Colombia’s superior quality knitwear, especially since the country’s regulations uphold standards of interest to North American brands. For more details, visit Proexport Colombia.

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