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Optitex releases Version 12.2 software

Industry News | November 27, 2013 | By:

Optimizes fabric usage and enhances productivity for users.

In this latest version, a new nesting solution (Nest ++ Pro) deploys an improved algorithm utilizing multi—core processing, which increases the efficiency of fabric usage during the nesting process by up to 1 percent. Users of the PDS module can now enjoy increased productivity using new features such as the interactive guidelines, dynamic measurement charts and improved “walk” functionality. Complementing the new version is a dramatically improved 3-D visual experience that employs real—time high quality rendering.

“With this latest version release, we are continuing to deliver on our commitment to the vision of Virtual Products revolutionizing the fashion industry,” said Asaf Landau, Optitex CEO. “We are working closely with strategic brands and manufacturing vendors to enable fast fashion; leveraging virtual products to open up timely and costly bottlenecks in critical supply chain and marketing processes.”

Optitex PDS users can also benefit from the integrated Dynamic Measurement Charts that provide efficient grading and style updates. For complicated styles, selecting pieces and points has been simplified with the new intuitive selection tool. Pattern makers can now “walk on” any size to establish balance for perfect grading, while useful interactive guidelines assist during the drafting process.

Marker makers can take advantage of additional options for vertical bump lines that speed up organizing and laying bundles. With the upgraded plot preview, final plot and cut results can be viewed before using paper or sending it to the cutter, saving valuable time and resources.

In addition to high-quality rendering, 3-D users can now add realistic elements such as zippers, buckles and other rigid parts to their virtual samples. 3-D files are now exportable in FBX format to facilitate higher fidelity data exchange within the 3-D application environment.


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