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The 2013 ShowStoppers winners from IFAI Expo in Orlando

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Eight exhibitors chosen by attendees as the best new products at the show.

For our second annual ShowStoppers competition, IFAI received a total of 97 entries from 53 companies that were exhibiting at IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo 2013 in Orlando. These eight products received the most votes from show attendees on opening day.

The ShowStoppers awards were created to recognize the best new products at the show: from the most innovative to the most effective, and the most economical to the most environmentally sound, our attendees chose the products they found the most valuable to their businesses and their industry.

Congratulations to all of our 2013 ShowStoppers winners! And to all of our prospective exhibitors next fall in beautiful downtown Minneapolis, stay tuned for entry information on the 2014 ShowStoppers competition.

Fabrics, fibers and films

Paiho North America

Functional and decorative trims and webbing of special spun polyester material give a cotton-like look for reliable availability, consistent qualities and stable costs. Various raw materials may be applied to create different looks for all styles of designs, for apparel, shoe and sporting goods markets. Special materials and treatments can be applied for industrial or medical markets.

Figure 1

Jocelyn Willis, sales manager: “Our webbings and drawcords are used by major brands around the world, but here in North America many did not know we could offer them until now. Since the show we have gained a great amount of interest, and look forward to becoming a more valued supplier in the market—we don’t standardize, we customize!”

Figure 2

Accepting for Paiho North America: Ivette Acosta, purchasing assistant; Sylvia Peña, account executive; Jocelyn Willis, sales manager; Linda Malcomb, senior account executive; Sean Nichols, account executive, Karen Ko, product developer.

Tek-Knit Industries

Insect Barrier Netting protects cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries from the latest scourge: Spotted Wing Drosophila (outdoor fruit fly). The Tek-Knit 80-gram fabric offers exclusion of any insect over .6mm plus protection from heavy rain, winds and other elements, while providing only minimum shade due to its color.

Figure 3

Ted Storozum, president: “Thanks to the persistence of IFAI staff, we reluctantly entered the ShowStoppers for the first time—and much to our surprise, won! We are very pleased to have received this recognition, as our new netting is a non-chemical solution to better crop yields and more appealing fruits and vegetables. The award also spurred many visitors to stop by our booth and then go look at the display in the ShowStoppers booth. We plan to use the award in conjunction with our distributors advertising.”

Figure 4

Accepting for Tek-Knit Industries Inc.: Polly Storozum (wife of company president Ted Storozum) and Mark Taylor, textile engineer.

Chemicals, coatings and compounds

Thomson Research Associates

Ultra-Fresh DW-56 controls the growth of fungi, bacteria and algae, dispersed into solution and applied by pad. Applications include cotton and cotton/poly blend ducking for canvas and awnings, filter media, polyester fiber for use in tow and cut, animal bedding, cleaning implements, air filter media, wall and window coverings and dust towels.

Sonia Poropat, product manager: “As a winner last year for our Ultra-Fresh DW-30 product, we were eager to enter again this year, and were absolutely thrilled when Ultra-Fresh DW-56 won a 2013 award! The ShowStoppers contest has been a great way to share our unique and innovative products with the industrial fabrics and coatings industry. The trophy was a great conversation piece at our booth and generated substantial traffic from attendees, who made a point of stopping by to congratulate us and learn more about our product.”

Figure 5

Accepting for Thomson Research Associates (left to right): Claire Magee, sales manager; Sonia Poropat, sales manager; and Helena Kim, sales manager.

Equipment and Tools

Optitex U.S.A.

3-D Creator software drapes patterns on models included in the software or on user’s own model, and seamlessly integrates 3-D models with PDS pattern design. Offers unlimited number of body types by adjusting shape, height, circumference, muscle mass and other measurements. View style colorways and define print placement for fabrics, textures, stitches, buttons and logos; share 3-D samples or finished products with anyone with a free 3-D viewer.

Figure 6

Enrico Zamarra, senior sales director: “We really wanted to enter because as one of the only software companies at the event in the CAD category, we were hoping to get noticed! Then to be nominated for best new product and win was fantastic. We have been participating in the show now for a few years, and every year we gain a bit more traction. I believe winning the award is a testament to that fact.”

Figure 7

Accepting for Optitex: Matt Bakhoum, information services manager, and Enrico Zamarra, senior sales manager.

Prodim USA

Portable, lightweight digital Proliner is an efficient and innovative tool for getting accurate dimensions on site. Digitize existing shapes and objects, edit, create shop tickets, get client approval, email results and more. Features include on-board CAD system, CAD/CAM compatibility and training and support. Measures up to 20 to 60 feet from one location depending on model.

Figure 8

Jonathan Davis, marketing manager: “We are very grateful for having our Proliner technology selected as a recipient of the ShowStopper award. Your generosity will help us to continue our mission of innovation in new technologies in metrology and quality control to help our customers succeed through production improvement. Please accept our thanks and appreciation.”

Figure 9

Accepting for Prodim International: Zach Harris, inside technology sales; John Richerts, sales manager; René Teune, CEO; and Drew Thornton, outside sales.

Hardware, findings and accessories

Paiho North America

Complex designs with abundant colors and patterns create three-dimensional presentations on drawcords and shoelaces that are both functional and decorative, with endless combinations of colors and patterns available. For apparel, shoe and sporting goods markets. Different types of materials and treatments are available for industrial and medical markets.

Figure 10

SUREFAS® Next Generation Fasteners

Easy to use, stainless steel Q-SNAP is like a normal press fastener with two additional parts: a ring underneath the cloth and a gentle hook on deck. Turns fastener into secured connection that won’t pop loose, while incorporating a stretch function (lever). Developed for covers and spray hoods on boats, appropriate for any application requiring secure textiles: cushions and sunbeds on mega yachts, baby strollers, sunshades, furniture and more.

Figure 11

drs. Bas Jan Veldhoen: “Winning the ShowStoppers award is a warm welcome for this unique product in the U.S. market for textile fasteners. It is astounding that these small items can make such a difference! Clients can now install a secure fastener with the speed of installation of a regular press fastener. Especially considering that the award came from a public vote, this product really does seem to solve a true problem.”

Figure 12

Accepting for SUREFAS B.V.: George G. Veldhoen, drs. Bas Jan Veldhoen.

End products

Rollac Shutters of Texas

Rollac Renson ZIP Shade allows shade fabric to be wind-tight in every position and insect-repellent in the closed position. Sun-protecting fabric has a special trim with a symmetrical zip that holds the entire structure firmly in the two side channels. All materials are 100 percent corrosion-proof and windproof up to 75 mph. The bottom bar disappears into the head box. Available with glass fiber, polyester and blackout screen.

Figure 13

Sylvia M. Cerda, national sales: “The ZIP Shade is a well-engineered solution for the growing market segment of exterior shading; the newest solution added to our product portfolio with quality design and customer value in mind. We would like to thank all participants and visitors that attended the IFAI show for their confidence in the Rollac Renson ZIP Shade. We are honored to have won the ShowStopper award.”

Figure 14

Accepting for Rollac Rolling Shutters (left to right): Stefan Poetsch, vice president of operations; Sylvia M. Cerda, national sales; and Ricardo Gomez, national sales manager.

Information on entering the ShowStoppers competition for IFAI Expo 2014 in Minneapolis will be available online in spring 2014.

Galynn Nordstrom is senior editor of Specialty Fabrics Review magazine.

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