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Trelleborg airbed: still airtight

Industry News | December 16, 2013 | By:

An airbed manufactured by Trelleborg more than 50 years ago was recently found in a basement in Sweden, still in its original packaging. Trelleborg’s company historian, Carl Aspegren, picked it up, pumped it up and it was as airtight as when it was first made.

Airbeds were one of Trelleborg’s post-war signature products, with production starting in 1935, and reaching its peak in the late 50s and early 60s. Originally used when camping or as extra beds, the airbeds were also used on the beach, as illustrated on the product’s packaging. The photograph of the two bathing beauties was taken by Swedish master photographer Georg Oddner on the beach at Falsterbo, Sweden, in 1956.

Johan Frithiof, commercial director within the engineered fabrics business of Trelleborg, says: “For Trelleborg, delivering high quality materials and performance to our customers that will last has always been key for us. Even 50 years ago standards were important–these airbeds needed to be tested to make sure that they could retain 1 kilogram of air pressure.

“Though a well–received product, as markets changed and Trelleborg moved its strategic focus to other areas, production of airbeds ended in 1965. However, development and production of engineered fabrics by Trelleborg today is still going strong. Now the product area focuses on customer partnerships and advanced solutions for such industries as aerospace, medical equipment, materials handling, safety and marine.”


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