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Marlen Textiles relabels product lines

Industry News | January 1, 2014 | By:

Marlen Textiles, New Haven, Mo., is consolidating and renaming its growing selection of coated textile and solution-dyed products to make it easier to select the right fabric. The new brand names will be introduced at the 2014 MFA (Marine Fabricators Association) national convention in Charleston, S.C., in January. Marlen manufactures several proprietary coated, solution-dyed and laminated fabric products serving the marine, awning, tent and camping, outdoor, glove, safety, industrial, medical and military industries. According to Alan Prelutsky, executive vice president, the realignment will fall into three product families. “Top Gun will represent premium coated products,” Prelutsky said. “Top Notch will represent premium solution-dyed products, and Odyssey will represent economical coated products.” Softouch and Amerglo will remain named as they are.

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