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Post and beam frames for temporary structures

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Temporary structure provides comfort for homeless.

To help homeless people living in tent cities, inventor Peter Sing designed The World’s Smallest House, a temporary structure that provides more safety, security, space and heating efficiency than standard tent or tarp structures. Sing used what he learned to develop lightweight beams made from vertical-grain wood fiber with a patented internal honeycomb of foam that can replace steel pipe framing for temporary tarp structures. SingCore beams are lightweight, high strength, easy to assemble and affordable.

SingCore, based in McCleary, Wash., uses its honeycomb technology for walls, sliding doors, garage doors and other applications where size, weight and strength are important. The torsion box strength technology keeps the SingCore materials flat, resisting warp and twist. In a pound-to-pound comparison, SingCore came out as stronger than solid wood, plastic, metal, glass, brick and concrete. The material is rot-resistant, even uncoated. Temporary tarp structures incorporating Sing posts and beams can be deployed rapidly, disassemble with ease and provide a home-like wood beam feeling for people in desperate need of both comfort and shelter.

Source: SingCore

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