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NSRDEC’s Textile Industry Day, June 24-25, 2014

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Exchange information and ideas to improve understanding of S&T programs.

Textile Industry Day describes the textile technology programs and focus areas and specific/unique expertise, facilities, and capabilities of the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (NSRDEC). The intent is to provide a forum to exchange information and ideas on how academia and industry might partner with NSRDEC in addressing Army-specific textile challenges, and to provide information and assistance regarding the mechanisms and tools available for doing business with NSRDEC.

The NSRDEC is located in Natick, Mass. This exchange of information will improve academia’s and industry’s understanding of unique textile-related challenges faced by the NSRDEC in fulfilling its mission to maximize the Warrior’s survivability, sustainability, mobility, combat effectiveness and quality of life by treating the Soldier as a “System.” In turn, this enhanced understanding will allow potential partners to make more informed judgments on whether or how they can participate with the NSRDEC in addressing these development needs, and provide an opportunity for face-to-face exchanges amongst NSRDEC, academic and industry-based experts in the textile community.

Source: U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (NSRDEC)

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