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Rochford Supply’s washers and grommets are an essential for creating tie-down or hanging holes in fabric such as truck tarps, boat covers, awnings and many other materials. Available in a variety of sizes, they’re sold together in gross bags of 144 each. Offered in flat, spur, and self-piercing styles with a choice of nickel or brass, as well as a simple, plastic, snap-together option.

Snap Fasteners combine a button, socket, eyelet and stud to form industrial snaps, used to fasten material together or to hard surfaces using Rochford screw studs. 24-ligne snaps, in a variety of colors, are recommended for fastening down boat covers.

YKK® Snad Adhesive Domed Studs are adhesive-backed fasteners that don’t snag fabrics or deteriorate from exposure to sunlight, sand and dirt. They are used with Rochford’s 1830 and 1835 sockets to attach boat covers, cushions, carpet and flooring, or any material to a smooth surface.

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