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Made to measure

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Burlington Medical Supplies (Burmed), based in Newport News, Va., once designed and manufactured X-ray aprons manually. One person would take the apron order and process it through completion, taking body measurements, designing the custom
pattern pieces and grading the patterns—a time- and labor-intensive process that also resulted in considerable waste material.

The company wanted to automate and improve its processes, in a way that would not compromise quality. In 2003, Burmed purchased a conveyorized, single-ply cutting table and turned to Gerber Technology for its AccuMark® Made-to-Measure (MTM) software.

Burmed was able to transfer years of pattern design knowledge from one individual into a single CAD system that an entire team of designers could use. The design process now takes just one day to complete, and lead times have been reduced 60 percent—from five weeks down to two. The precision of the conveyorized cutting has also significantly improved material utilization, from 54 percent to about 90 percent.

Using the AccuMark MTM system, Burmed is able to design
and manufacture custom-fitted aprons according to a client’s specific body shape and size. Because all the design information is now stored electronically, it is easier to customize and apply changes to future orders. Find more information on Burmed’s website; for details on the AccuMark system, visit
the Gerber Technology.

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