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New high-performance fabric from Teijin

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Delta 2000 designed for use in outerwear.

Teijin Frontier Co. Ltd., the Teijin Group’s fiber products converting company, has developed Delta 2000, an advanced, high-comfort, high-density fabric suited for use in outerwear.

As the latest addition to Teijin Frontier’s Delta series of high-performance materials designed for sporting applications, Delta 2000 has a distinctive structure comprising a warp of densely and finely crimped bulky yarn and a weft of ultra-thin yarn. Airspaces minimized three-dimensionally achieve 2,000 millimeters of water resistance, while an aerated fine-waffle structure provides water-shedding performance.

It is an uncoated fabric, offering moisture permeability, a soft texture and a luxurious surface appearance. Teijin Frontier plans to develop sport, fashion and uniform applications for Delta 2000.

SOURCE: Teijin

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