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Equipment and tools

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2014 Exhibitor Product Preview

Products that are also ShowStoppers entries are designated by **, and they will be featured in the September issue. The third annual ShowStoppers awards competition will feature innovative products and services in a special voting display where they are judged by industry peers in attendance.

Equipment and tools

0814_epp12ADFAST CORP.
Booth 929

WHAT: Eagle DT-FV grommet machine**

WHY: The Eagle DT now makes it possible to install a #15 stainless steel grommet without precutting the hole, adding the flexibility to quickly and easily switch from a #15 to a #0.
+1 514 617 0973

Booth 1255WHAT: Attach-EZ Set & Sew **

WHY: Lightweight, portable system helps marine fabricators and upholsterers set zippers, grommet or snap placements and bimini pockets by replacing staples and T-pins with barbs. Holds pleat placements, reduces errors and saves time.
+1 651 438 3848

Booth 1053

WHAT: Argon cutting machine**

WHY: High speed, ultra-smooth single/low ply automated cutting machine. Adjustable cutting head is mounted on a carbon fiber gantry and tracks on a vacuum table with a high-flow vacuum pump. On-board electronics minimize heavy and expensive cables.
+1 530 615 2113

Booth 2335

WHAT: WT-174” plotter/cutter**

WHY: Ultra-wide plotter/cutter is 14.5 feet wide and can plot/cut material more than 13 feet wide. Recommended for cutting shade sails, blinds, tents and tarps, it can mount to steel frame tables or the floor.

WHAT: Carlson Collaborator System**

WHY: Allows two Classic CTc or Pro PTc model plotter/cutters to mark and cut the same job on the same table at the same time. Each plotter/cutter can operate independently via an on-board Windows 8 tablet, or collaborate by using a central computer and coordinating software.
+1 918 438 8344

Booth 1734

WHAT: Smooth-cut tailor’s shears **

WHY: Smooth-cut, fully forged 10-inch K20 and 12-inch K22 tailor’s shears with hollow ground blades to allow for less tension and better control. Large handle gives a comfortable feel and allows user to wear gloves.

WHAT: Safe Cut scissors**

WHY: Safe Cut shears use a special grinding technique that allows the scissor to cut normal fabrics but roll over the skin. Five models available.

WHAT: Servo motor**

WHY: Quiet and lightweight, the motor hand universal mounts for easy installation. Adjustable speed control, soft-start feature and a 70 percent savings in electricity.

WHAT: Smooth-cut 72020 scissors**

WHY: Smooth-cut, 8-inch bent handle trimmer with Botec Cut® keeps blade angles around 25 degrees. Two-part fused handle allows for a soft grip. Rockwell hardness of 56 keeps these scissors cutting a long time.
+1 336 769 0521

0814_epp15a 0814_epp15b
0814_epp15c 0814_epp15d

Booth 755

WHAT: Durkopp Adler H967

WHY: Heavy, single-needle lockstitch machine. Features include integrated, direct motor drive, bottom feed, needle feed and alternating feet, electro-pneumatic thread trimmer.
+1 770 446 8162

FIAB Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
Booth 1553


WHY: Versatile polyvinyl chloride welding machine with high-efficiency generator for high production capacity, smooth workflow with control system touch screen, precise welding tools, fabric-guiding lasers and vacuum table system.


WHY: High performance welder with lightweight design and turning welding head with lateral movement and side platforms to improve operator experience. Welding range of 360 degrees.
+48 78 570 70 60

0814_epp16a 0814_epp16b

Booth 1414

WHAT: TDW-Mega 800 high-frequency welding machine

WHY: Traveling welder with 16-inch lower press table allows weld widths up to 16 inches wide. Provided with a table in any length with a trough for material storage and can be equipped with expanded stroke length (daylight). Recommended for making tents.

WHAT: MG-Flex 300 high-frequency welding machine**

WHY: Compact welder on wheels can rotate 90 degrees. Includes a Z-guide for controlling overlaps up to 80 mm in width, increased lift height of welding head (daylight) of 190 mm and a 12-inch touch screen computer.
+46 523 66 66 00

0814_epp17a 0814_epp17b

Booth 811

WHAT: GERBERcutter® Paragon®**

WHY: Quiet and easy-to-use cutter maximizes cutting time by ensuring reliability and uptime. Features include Ever Sharp™ knife technology, more than 150 sensors to monitor optimal vacuum level and knife temperature, speed and position, brushless motors, and integration with Gerber’s automated spreading systems.
+1 860 896 2068

Booth 2054

WHAT: BAK PlanOn® digital hot-air welder

WHY: Lightweight, hand-held welder is simple to use due to its fail-safe, robust design. Now available with an industry-exclusive two-year extended warranty over and above the manufacturer’s one-year warranty.

WHAT: BAK LarOn® brushless hot-air welder**

WHY: Overlap welder of TPO, PVC, Hypalon®, ECB, CSPE membranes and elastomeric bitumen. Available with a three-year limited warranty, brushless motor and no drive belt to replace, due to its chain-driven system. Modular electronics reduce repair cost.
+1 519 654 8302

0814_epp19HOFFMAN BROS.
Booth 715

WHAT: Seiko LSWNH Series Sewing Machine

WHY: Series of compound feed, walking-foot machines that feature an extra high- and long-arm profile and ease material handling problems associated with bulky and heavyweight materials.
800 323 9120

Booth 1734

WHAT: Jado 7-56 Special Sewing Machine

WHY: Ideal for heavy-duty stitching, new machine is designed to automatically stitch canvas, webbing, sails, tents and truck covers. It offers automatic pattern stitching, interchangeable cam mechanism, up to eight-cord thread and high-air clamp lift.
+1 718 784 2314

Booth 1553

WHAT: JTE PTFE welder**

WHY: First small-format PTFE welder commercially available. Manufacturers of solar and architectural coverings who need to weld radiuses and smaller formats can easily do so with little or no experience.

WHAT: JTE transportable 10kw RF welder**

WHY: At almost half the weight of other RF machines, this welder on wheels goes to the fabric rather than the fabric going to the machine. Features a full 48-inch RF welding tool and is easy to use and recommended for final finishing or perimeter welds on large structures or containment products.

WHAT: JTE FIAB upgrade/refurbish kit**

WHY: Upgrade and refurbish kit for transforming an older FIAB. Includes a 10-inch color touch screen and PLC, fast response auto tuning, joystick control, short cycle times, high speed travel features, length optimizing, 100 recipes and automatic pre-set pressure in both 10KW and 20KW versions.

WHAT: JTE RF punch/weld grommet welder**

WHY: Tabletop system welds PVC and PU grommets to plastic material in seconds, using a highly refined, solid-state RF generator welding and simultaneous punching process. Energy-efficient, easy to use and does not require existing RF equipment.
+1 904 278 2388

0814_epp21a 0814_epp21b

0814_epp22Laser Products Industries
Booth 740

WHAT: LT-2D3D laser templator**

WHY: Edit on-board CAD software in the field, or export it as a 3D wireframe to flattening software, to create 2D patterns when cutting or plotting for complex jobs such as dodgers, trailer covers, awnings and enclosures. Plotter marks directly on the fabric, resulting in fewer wasted consumables.
+1 630 679 1300

Booth 345

WHAT: Seamtek 36

WHY: Works as a seam or tape welder for technical textiles, tarpaulins and billboards. Changeable, modular construction and a wide range of pressure rollers and nozzle widths offer flexibility, while its tape guiding system makes it easy to position material and keep it taut.
+1 630 760 1000

Booth 849

WHAT: Printed fabric module**

WHY: Make adjustments, check repeatability and view the results of every change during the pattern design process with just a few clicks. Viewed in 2-D and 3-D, it enables more accurate location of patterns on printed fabric, in less time.
+1 212 629 9053

0814_epp24PRACTIX MFG. LLC
Booth A2704

WHAT: OK-405R 72” rotary machine**

WHY: Designed to accommodate the need for faster transfer speeds with a pivot system for automatic belt tracking to ensure no lateral movement and “ghosting” on fabric. With workable widths from 24 to 200 inches, machine encompasses even heat to safeguard color intensity.
+1 770 974 1480

0814_epp25PRODIM INTL.
Booth 415

WHAT: Proliner®

WHY: Handheld 2-D and 3-D digital scanner and digitizer is fast, accurate and easy to use. Measures coordinates precisely to create shapes or patterns and generates finished drawings, shop tickets and customer approvals onsite.
888 229 3328


Booth 429

WHAT: HC-861 hot and cold strip cutter

WHY: Nine-inch hot and cold blade with top and bottom heat can cut and seal webbing up to ½-inch thick. Adjustable digital temperature control up to 1,000 degrees. Standard features include gear-driven rollers, electronic feed gear ratio adjustment, auto shut-off, two roll-end sensors and auto backfeed.
+1 619 280 0278

Booth 343

WHAT: SM-100-CA linear sewing machine

WHY: High-performing automatic sewing machine for technical fabrics features Dürkopp-Adler traveling sewing head, solid, anodized aluminum structure, and stainless steel worktop.

WHAT: SM-216-SA linear welder

WHY: Automatic industrial machine for linear welding of technical fabrics can simultaneously install liquid glue, hot air and ultrasonic bonding technologies. Intelligent Torque™ technology results in strong, straight and flat seams.

WHAT: SM-320-TA tool conveyor plotter

WHY: Precise, high-speed, multiple-tool conveyor plotter with multiple-layer conveyor belt for the continuous cutting and marking of technical fabrics, specifically PVC and other heavy textiles.

WHAT: SM-450-SA conveyor

WHY: Versatile station processes multiple rolls of thermoplastics in a continuous production cycle. Recommended for applications in which two or more rolls are bonded side-to-side or transformed into a tube, with the option to fly-cut symmetrical patterns.
+39 348 64 10 891

0814_epp27a 0814_epp27b
0814_epp27c 0814_epp27d

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