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Hardware, findings and accessories

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2014 Exhibitor Product Preview

Products that are also ShowStoppers entries are designated by **, and they will be featured in the September issue. The third annual ShowStoppers awards competition will feature innovative products and services in a special voting display where they are judged by industry peers in attendance.

Hardware, findings and accessories


Booth 1029

WHAT: Fireloc heat-resistant plastic hardware

WHY: ACW has expanded its Fireloc line with 20 new products tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories for use in the United States and Canada. Fireloc products are designed for high-heat applications.
+1 401 762 5500


Booth 1947

WHAT: SunStop® sewing thread

WHY: Twisted, multifilament, polyester sewing thread with advanced UV protection and nonwicking finish designed for outdoor applications. Reduces color loss and strength degradation over traditional filament polyesters.
+1 704 951 2326

Deco-Print by Thermopatch

Booth 310

WHAT: Digi-Line**

WHY: Heat seal emblem digitally printed in a full-color process can be produced in almost any shape or size. Industrial washable, quick and easy to apply and will not crack, fade or peel after application.
800 252 6555


Booth 1111

WHAT: Components for awnings

WHY: Components include arms, arm supports, brackets, roller tube supports and front bars, and are made of bronze, titanium–rich aluminum and stainless steel nuts, bolts and chains. Easy to assemble and install.
+39 049 629588


Booth 949

WHAT: PremoLast

WHY: High tenacity polytetrafluoroethylene sewing thread guaranteed to last a minimum of 10 years in the sewn seam. Resistant to sunlight, weather and water.
800 258 5052

Gerald Schwartz Inc.

Booth 2652

WHAT: Plastic hardware**

WHY: Berry-compliant products, including 1-, 1.5- and 2-inch side releases, loops, slide bars, D-rings and heavy duty ladder locks stocked in, but not limited to, military colors containing IR and UV.
+1 770 493 9443


Booth 1952

WHAT: SAN® 5 GEBEDUR® needle for technical textiles

WHY: Titanium nitride-coated needle provides high productivity due to less machine downtime, reduced production costs, high protection against needle wear, security against skipped stitches, protection of the hook point, and the option for tight adjustment of the looper to the needle.
800 438 4567


Booth 1734

WHAT: Sewing machine parts

WHY: Orders placed before noon E.S.T. are shipped by 5:00 the same day.
+1 718 784 2314


Booth 400

WHAT: Gator hangers

WHY: Plastic components used to hang sidewalls, curtains and awnings. Variety of styles available with both rivets and screws.

WHAT: Keder

WHY: Fabric textile can be sewn or welded to tent tops and sidewalks and used in many applications, including banners, tents, awnings, industrial curtains, tarpaulins, blinds, pool covers and marine products. It offers a watertight installation and a wrinkle-free look.
+1 414 744 6000

Paiho North America Corp.

Booth 2349

WHAT: Banana draw cord**

WHY: Banana-shaped draw cord or shoelaces for apparel, shoe and sporting goods markets. Middle, narrow part produces strength for the tie, and wide parts on the ends offer easy grab for the hands.

WHAT: Easy Tape®**

WHY: Molded hook and woven loop combination produces durable function for products that require both strong attachment and long cycle life.

WHAT: Hook and loop fabrication**

WHY: Fabrications and treatments on hook and loop products with various materials for both function and decoration allow customized designs for creativity as well as brand promotion.

WHAT: Iron-on hook and loop**

WHY: Special treatment is applied to woven hook and loop to create an attachment property when activated by heat from iron or heated rollers. Recommended for products designed for water resistance without stitching holes.

WHAT: See-through elastic tape**

WHY: Thick elastic tape with different color arrangements on both sides and a see-through effect applied by a clear monofilament.

WHAT: Waist band**

WHY: Exposable string waist band made of polyester and rubber thread for apparel products such as pants, shorts and dresses.
+1 661 257 6567


Booth 335

WHAT: Guardian with Microban®

WHY: The first thread on the market that has antimicrobial protection to fight odor-causing bacteria that can lead to mold and mildew. Ideal for outdoor markets, hospitality furniture and health care products.

WHAT: SolarFix® PTFE thread

WHY: Available in different sizes, it does not break down over time due to UV or chemical exposure and is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the fabric.

WHAT: Vision UVR-enhanced embroidery thread

WHY: Formulated to retain color in outdoor applications where UV exposure occurs. Embroidery remains truer in color for much longer compared to standard embroidery threads.
800 521 4308


Booth 915

WHAT: Perfix®

WHY: The only secure fastener with no protruding pins or parts is durable, UV-resistant, corrosion-free and easy to install. Recommended for marine covers, spray hoods, upholstery, luggage, car floor mats and baby textiles.

WHAT: Q-Snap®

WHY: The only press fastener with stretch function is secured from the angle of the tensile force and easy to install. Available in 316 stainless steel, a thin layer of silicone isolates the Q-stud to prevent tension-corrosion.

WHAT: CAF-316®**

WHY: The only seawater-resistant press fastener is self-piercing, easy to install and made of stainless steel.
+31 184 69 44 56


Booth 1847

WHAT: Gore® Tenara® sewing thread**

WHY: Versatile, high-performance thread with a lifetime warranty is designed for high-speed sewing for marine and outdoor products. Resistant to UV light, mold, mildew, acid rain and cleaning solutions, saltwater and industrial pollutants.
+1 410 506 5556


Booth 746

WHAT: Edge seal

WHY: For the marine and awning industries for prevention of water and dirt permeation of canvas products on boats and awnings.
+1 608 444 5023

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