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No distractions

Projects | August 1, 2014 | By:

Artist Freyja Sewell believes that a better awareness of one’s body, senses and materials can lead to a higher appreciation of the physical world, and so created a “sensory concentration space.” The small fabric enclosure allows the user to remove all distractions from experiencing just themselves.

The personal tent-like structure is made from 100 percent wool felt, which offers high levels of insulation and a soft, tactile finish. The white felt inside provides a neutral canvas, and hidden color-change LEDs mean the color of the space can be instantly altered. The matt, natural finish of felt provides warmth and texture to LED light, which can appear cold. Felt discs can be scented and then scattered beneath the elevated floor for smell stimulus; speakers in the ceiling provide sound. In these ways the space can be programmed
to many combinations for exploration and experience.

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