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Tarp system fit for a ‘King Sling’

Projects | August 1, 2014 | By:

Dennis Anderson, a celebrity on the Mega Monster Truck circuit, plans to sling a lot of mud with his new customized King Sling truck, a huge-tired behemoth with a competition wingspan of 101 inches. Transporting a vehicle this size would normally call for mounting small toter tires on the flatbed and protecting the truck with a tarp so it wouldn’t make its debut covered in dust and road salt. However, the team from Load Covering Solutions (LCS), Buffalo, N.Y., had a practical and rockin’ solution—a retractable sliding tarp system that opens like an accordion to cover a flatbed and cargo up to 102 inches in width.

The vinyl tarp material with a micron clear coat allows for colorful, high-resolution digital printing, and Anderson took full advantage with the tarp’s attention-grabbing graphics of King Sling in destructo-mode. LCS “The Look” modular patented frame has an exclusive internal tarp connector groove that provides the widest inside loading capabilities. In addition, King Sling doesn’t have to leave the flatbed to be displayed; retract the tarp system, and the sparkling mudslinger is revealed to adoring monster truck fans. For more inventive tarp solutions, visit

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