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Stahl holds Sustainability for Leather seminar

Industry News | August 26, 2014 | By:

A push for the use of water-based chemicals.

Pakistan’s Minister of Environment, Shuja Khanzada, emphasized the importance of reducing environmental pollution at the Sustainability for Leather seminar held in Lahore, Punjab, by chemical company Stahl.

Khanzada called on tanners to replace harmful chemicals with water-based chemicals and to adopt modern principles for waste management, as only those industries that dispose of waste in a proper manner will be allowed to operate in Pakistan.

More than 200 visitors attended the seminar, which was part of a series of seminars organized by Stahl to work toward a more sustainable future. Seminars were also held in India and Bangladesh, and there are plans to hold more in China, Mongolia, Mexico and Scandinavia.

Source: Stahl

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