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Hybrid building: farmers by day, musicians by night

Projects | September 1, 2014 | By:

When the Central New York Regional Market Authority commissioned a year-round farmers’ market building in Syracuse, N.Y., members expected the hybrid fabric and steel structure to multi-task. Little did they know how rapidly the popular shopping spot for fruits and veggies would become an exciting concert venue, known as F-Shed at the Market.

The hybrid was custom designed, engineered and erected by Legacy Building Solutions, South Haven, Minn., using a durable rigid frame, a floating concrete pad and a tensioned fabric ceiling rated for 90 mph wind, 50 pounds-per-square-foot (PSF) ground snow and 33 PSF roof snow. The translucent roof allows natural light during the day and is equipped with an LED lighting system for evening use. The building’s 18-foot-wide, high-lift overhead doors simplify concert staging, while active air circulation, exhaust ventilation, a wet sprinkler system and heating units make the venue both safe and comfortable for music lovers. “We have about 20 events planned for the F-Shed this year,” says Dan Mastronardi, concert promoter. “It’s a terrific venue.”

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