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Garmatex debuts cooling fiber technology

Products | September 3, 2014 | By:

Advanced fabric regulates body temperature.

Garmatex Technologies Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, announced the launch of its IceSkin™ technology at the PGA Fashion and Demo Experience, held Aug. 18-20 in Las Vegas, Nev.

IceSkin is an advanced cooling fabric designed to help wearers function in extreme weather temperatures by regulating body temperature. It combines natural jade minerals with Garmatex’s CoolSkin® quick-dry microfiber filaments to harness the cooling effects of the body’s perspiration and optimize comfort by lowering the skin’s surface temperature.

Sunrays reflect off the jade minerals to deflect thermal energy away from the body, offering UV protection in addition to cooling. Its multi-layered, three- dimensional knitting process is uniquely engineered to ensure the cooling effect remains permanent for the life of the garment.

IceSkin garments are currently available in Garmatex branded golf shirts and towels. Garmatex plans to sell the fabric to leading apparel and medical brands.

Source: Garmatex

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