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Blanket protections

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The introduction by Protecht LLC, Edmond, Okla., of the Bodyguard Blanket, a bullet-resistant backpack-type blanket, struck a chord with media outlets worldwide that have covered school-shooting tragedies such as the Newtown, Conn., massacre and the murder of 67 campers on an island near Oslo, Norway, by a lone gunman. While school shootings occur infrequently (thank goodness), major storms with high winds, tornadoes and destructive hail are becoming increasingly common. “We received tremendous interest from people who wanted a blanket for tornado and storm protection at a lower price,” says Dr. Steve Walker, one of the inventors of the Bodyguard Blanket. “That’s when we decided to create the Stormguard™ Blanket, which costs less than a third as much as the Bodyguard Blanket.”

The Stormguard Blanket, also worn like a backpack, offers unparalleled protection against flying and falling debris for locations where tornado or storm shelters are not available. The safety yellow blanket has a layer of 3.5 mm Impact Gel, which gives the blanket its energy-absorbing properties, redistributing shock, weight and heat. Another layer is constructed with aramid fiber used in military and law-enforcement protective gear, although the Stormguard is not bullet-resistant like the Bodyguard Blanket. Protecht LLC suggests that the blanket be stored in vehicles and housing that does not have a basement or storm shelter.

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