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One idea, four products

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One idea, four products<br />

One idea, four products

Carry-on, airline-approved suitcase, trolley, steerable kick-scooter and skateboard—in one urban mobility package—the “Olaf” assures that you can get around the city and have everything you need along with you. There are two models: the Olaf Urban and Olaf Business. Both are unisex, unisize, can hold up to 220 pounds, have a safe rear-wheel brake and large reflective patches for visibility at night. If you still can’t be without your old backpack, case or purse, you can mount it onto the Urban platform with their specially designed system.

OLAF Urban, a 4-in-1 HYBRID

  • Easily removable backpack with added
    hidden wheel cover pockets
  • Kick scooter has a large wooden deck and
    flexible curving-based steering system
  • Skateboard has large and narrow wheels
    and high quality bearings (and it’s fast!)
  • Trolley has a double telescopic handlebar
    and sturdy chassis

OLAF Business, a 3-in-1 hybrid

  • Carry-on airline-approved luggage case
  • Steering system when used as a kick scooter
    with adjustable force feedback system
  • Instant pedal transformation system from
    luggage case to kick scooter or double
    telescopic sturdy trolley

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