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New insight in cotton genome sequencing

Industry News | December 15, 2014 | By:

Significant discovery could increase cotton productivity.

Texas Tech University researchers, in collaboration with Bayer CropScience and the National Center for Genome Resources (NGCR), have developed a view into the structure of the cotton A-genome, an accomplishment that will advance cotton research to help increase cotton productivity.

The genome sequence will eventually lead to improved cotton varieties containing environmentally friendly traits, which are preferred by producers, processors, manufacturers and consumers, says Michael Galyean, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The genome is from the African/Asian species Gossypium arboreum, an extant representative of the cotton A-genome lineage paired with the D-genome lineage making up present day cultivated cottons. The A-genome species gave rise to spinnable fiber, eventually leading to the modern-day textile industry.

Source: Texas Tech

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