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Specialty Fabrics Showcase

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Aesthetics, antimicrobial protection, conductive properties, sound reduction, strength & durability and UV resistance.

As indicated by the State of the Industry report provided in the February and March issues of the Review, the global specialty fabrics market is growing, encouraging fabric manufacturers to continue their development of problem-solving products that perform.

With the increasing overlap of textile usage in diverse markets, we asked manufacturers to give us the details on their latest fabrics, from in-demand performance qualities to recommended applications. This issue includes fabrics that emphasize aesthetic characteristics; antimicrobial protection; conductive properties; sound reduction; strength and durability; and UV resistance.

Part II of the Specialty Fabrics Showcase will be featured in the May issue.


Luxurious patterns
Carnegie’s Monocle Embroider is a three-dimensional woven surfacing material for horizontal and vertical upholstered seating and upholstered wall applications. Its unique embroidery technique secures a layer of foam affixed to Xorel to create a quilted effect. Padding adds volume to the surface and allows for easy and uniform upholstering. Silver Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™, anti-bacterial, PVC-free.


The Roy G. Biv collection offers high performance upholstery and digitally printed wide-width sheers. Patterns include: Buzz, Chroma and Spark, vibrant geometric patterns against a saturated background; Aria, a durable fabric with a soft hand and dense V-weave; Hashtag, fabric with a heathered wool look and post-consumer recycled polyester content; and Alchemy and Herba, shimmering, digitally printed, sheer window fabrics.


Carnegie Fabrics Inc.
800 727 6770;

Complementary contrast
New fabrics in the 2015–2016 Sunbrella® Shade Collection play up texture. Striped additions, such as the Era fabrics, emphasize perspective, as their looks change based on viewing distance. Complementing solid shades add dimension. Recommended for biminis, covers, dodgers, fixed and retractable awnings, shade sails and umbrellas.


Alloy is a decorative shade fabric that allows light and water to filter through it. A combination of PVC and standard acrylic yarns gives the material a metallic sheen, creating a contrasting matted, shiny look. Available in silver, vapor, steel and bronze, it is recommended for fixed-frame structures, shade sails and roller shades, taking on a different look with each installation.


Jacquard shade fabric Fundamental combines traditional Sunbrella® fabric construction with a simple stripe concept to create a classic woven houndstooth pattern. Available in charcoal, sand and walnut, the pattern is distinct up close, but subtle from a distance. Recommended for upscale, highly decorative applications including fixed-frame or retractable structures.


Glen Raven Inc.
+1 336 227 6211;

Anti-transfer palette
The contemporary colors of the Coastal Ranch line of vinyl-coated fabrics were conceived by colorist Denise Turner of Color Turners. An added benefit to the soft grain and luxurious feel is the FORBID topcoat offering a blue jean transfer antidote, eliminating blue jean dye transfer for years to come. Available in 20 SKUs and recommended for hospitality and contract seating.


800 243 2472;

Military textiles
PenCott™ Camouflage features naturalistic, omni-directional, multi-scalar, fractal-based, 3-in-1 pattern geometry on 500D CORDURA®, nylon-cotton ripstop and 50D polyester fabrics. These qualities, along with shape disruption and texture matching across multiple operating environments and distances, help the wearer avoid detection more effectively. Meets U.S. military standards for near infrared reflectance (NIR).


MMI Textiles Inc.
+1 440 899 8050;

Four-layer comfort
Dwell, a subtle, organic texture with a unique matte aesthetic, emulates the soft feel of suede. It is manufactured using Takumi™ technology, a distinctive four-layer design that allows for moisture transfer, resulting in a comfortable seating experience. Available in 11 tone-on-tone colors, it is durable, easy to clean and recommended for upholstery in office settings, marine interiors and hotel guest rooms.


Ultrafabrics® LLC
877 309 6648;

Antimicrobial protection

Decorated defense
Phifer’s indoor and outdoor Designed Fabrics Red Cedar collection features 100 percent recyclable GeoBella® cushion fabrics and Phifertex® outdoor fabrics in red-brown and earthy neutrals. They are infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection to help prevent the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew that can damage the fabric. Recommended for awnings, umbrellas and furniture applications.


The Suntex® 95 exterior sun control product line for exterior roller shade applications features two new hues: chestnut and sand. Microban antimicrobial protection defends against mold and mildew damage, working continuously for the lifetime of the shade. These lightweight fabrics have a 5 percent openness factor and are certified to GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage.


+1 205 345 2120;

Long-lasting vinyl
Vinyl upholstery fabrics in the Allante™ Collection are stain-resistant, easy to clean, durable, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Soft to the touch and available in 15 new colors, this vinyl is recommended for hospitality, residential, automotive and marine applications.


Guardian contract grade vinyl is durable, easy to clean, and protected with Silverguard™, an environmentally friendly bacteria-fighting defense that inhibits odors and stains caused by bacteria. The PermaGuard finish also protects against germs, abrasions and stains. Recommended for hospitality, health care and marine applications.

Rex Pegg Fabrics
+1 253 272 5162;

Covered in color
Carnival of Colors is Snyder’s newest tent and awning product. Featuring vibrant colors and high tensile and tear strength, it is easy to clean, antimicrobial, heat sealable, flame-retardant and resistant to abrasions, weather and UV light. Available in 12 colors with a high gloss finish.


Snyder Manufacturing Inc.
+1 330 343 4456;

Conduct properties

Even distribution
Norafin’s energy efficient, functional heatable nonwovens have minimal heating times in low voltage areas, minimal weight, drapability and a homogeneous heat distribution during the heating and cooling phase. They can be easily used in several applications, including mobile, non-rigid areas such as heatable clothing and automotive heating, or in stationary, rigid areas such as medical heaters, bathtubs, lawn heaters and greenhouse panel heaters.


Norafin (Americas) Inc.
+1 828 654 7477;

Plain, twill and satin
Developed in collaboration with Kansai University, Teijin’s piezoelectric fabrics contain a piezoelectric poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and carbon fiber electrode. Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain dielectric materials to generate an electric charge in response to mechanical stress, making these textiles effective for both sensors and actuators. There are three weave versions: plain weave detects bending, satin weave detects twisting, and twill weave detects shear and 3-D motion, as well as bending and twisting.


Teijin Ltd.
+81 6 6268 2132;

Sound reduction

Acoustic sheers
Carnegie’s Alphacoustic, Betacoustic, Gammacoustic lightweight textiles contribute to sound reduction in a space while preserving transparency. Woven with specially engineered Trevira® CS polyester, all three patterns feature a soft hand and achieve 40 percent sound reduction when hung flat and 50–60 percent sound reduction when draped. Xorel patterns elevate the textiles from flat to dimensional.


Carnegie Fabrics Inc.
800 727 6770;

Light-blocking flexibility
Snyder’s STC 13 / STC 17 is a flexible, high density, reinforced vinyl that blocks light and outside noise. It won’t shrink, rot or cause metal corrosion, and is antimicrobial and resistant to fire, adverse environmental conditions, oils, weak acids and alkalis. Applications include floors and walls with tight space constraints, columns, pipes and ductwork, portable sound blankets and curtains.


Snyder Manufacturing Inc.
+1 330 343 4456;

3-D sun protection
New Trevira® CS interior sun protection textiles focus on sound-absorbing qualities and digital printability. They consist of two component polyester yarns, where one component melts at a lower temperature. When combined with flame-retardant polyester yarns using heat, stiffened textiles are produced with a 3-D characteristic. The manufacturing process eliminates additional chemicals, creating a single material that is 100 percent polyester and recyclable.


Trevira GmbH
+49 8234 9688 1111;

Strength & durability

Repairable curtain fabric
Duravider ripstop-reinforced heavy-duty fabrics offer increased durability without added weight. The tri-laminate construction features sequentially-staggered, heavyweight polyester yarns that capture puncture points and prevent them from spreading. Flame-retardant, UV- , mold- and mildew-resistant, and recommended for industrial environments such as manufacturing and assembly, paint and powder coating areas, rubber and plastics fabrication, woodworking shops and aircraft hangars.


ABC Industries Inc.
+1 574 267 5166;

Flexibility below freezing
EPT Xtrm Ply® TPU CW maintains flexibility during installation of secondary containment liners in below freezing conditions and is resistant to chemicals, oils, fuels, grease, UV light, acid rain and industrial pollutants. Reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) maintains flexibility at temperatures below -50°F. Available at 120-inch widths in both reinforced and non-reinforced versions up to 100 ounces in weight.


Engineered Polymer Technologies
+1 401 822 7762;

Protection for protectors
Cadet CORDURA® is a 24-pick, 1000D nylon for the safety, body armor and tactical markets. It offers domestic finishing, a quick lead time and durable, comfortable construction for rugged, long-lasting products that protect against the elements.

MMI Textiles Inc.
+1 440 899 8050;

Up to code
Pennel’s ORCA® T3 and T5 double-sided, chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM)-coated fabrics are used to make bellows for trains and buses. They pass the NFPA 130 standard and are resistant to fire, abrasions, extreme conditions, high and low temperatures, hydrocarbon and UV light. T3 is available in black and gray, and T5 is available in black.


Pennel USA Inc.
+1 843 881 9026;

Easy maintenance
Houndstooth is 100 percent polyester with acrylic backing, UV resistance and a wearability of 100,000 double rubs. Applications include automotive seating, door panels, headliners, RVs and furniture. Available in 8 colored patterns, it is easily cleaned and maintained.

Rex Pegg Fabrics
+1 253 272 5162;

Lightweight option
Seaman’s new, lightweight Shelter-Rite® Tite™ pretension fabric is designed to retain its original physical integrity when used for permanent tension structures. Prepared to withstand a wide range of environmental design challenges, Shelter-Rite Tite offers time-tested performance, low stretch and high tear resistance. Pre-stretched both horizontally and vertically, it is available in standard and custom colors.


Seaman Corp.
800 927 8578;

Non-slip surface
Mega Grip™ and Mega Grip II™ are non-skid, abrasion-resistant fabrics recommended for sewing or welding a variety of durable products. Mega Grip features a diamond embossed pattern and is best for applications that have flexibility or require stretch. Mega Grip II has an asphalt pattern and was developed for applications with a firm surface. Applications include medical supplies, sporting goods, dog booties, shoulder straps, glove palms and luggage.


Top Value Fabrics
855 618 4500;

Strength for transportation
Advantage MVP 18 Ripstop PVC Vinyl is recommended for heavy-duty truck tarp applications. Equipped to handle adverse weather conditions and withstand physical stress, it is constructed with a double reinforced ripstop thread to increase tear strength. It also has a soft hand and smooth, matte finish.


Value Vinyls Inc.
800 406 8845;

Long-lasting sheets
Renolit Kalglas® and Seaflex® automotive and marine press-polished vinyl glass sheets offer high transparency and are specified for hi-tech OEM convertible top windows and marine bimini tops. Sewable, RF weldable and solvent bondable, they meet the DOT (AS-6) standard and military specification P-18080. Other applications include Jeep® and SUV side panels, marine window panels and safety face masks.

Vicar Intl.
+1 908 964 1200;

UV resistance

Colorfast acrylics
The Sauleda 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic canvas collection is designed for marine covers, awnings and shade sails. This durable fabric contains extra yarns per inch to make a tighter weave and features strong color fastness and a two-sided lacquer finish. It is flame-retardant, resistant to UV light, rotting and water, and available in a variety of colors.

The 2015–2017 Sunbrella® In&Out Collection is designed for indoor and outdoor furniture applications, including marine upholstery and cushioning, sun loungers and poolside furnishings. It includes 161 products with 12 different constructions, all with anti-stain treatment, UV protection, water resistance, long life cycles and GREENGUARD and OEKO-TEX® certifications.


Kayospruce Ltd.
+44 1489 581696;

Non-abrasive marine solution
Designed for applications that require UV protection in the marine, industrial and awning markets, AquaLast is a 600D, urethane-coated, solution-dyed polyester. Non-abrasive to other marine finishes, it offers resistance to tears, abrasions, UV light, water, mold and mildew. Includes five-year warranty against loss of color or strength.

Rochford Supply
800 334 6414;

Spot-on strength
Seaman’s UV-resistant XR-3® fabric accommodates the need for a lighter-duty geomembrane. It includes a 10-year weathering warranty and is recommended for applications that require moderate chemical resistance and strength such as municipal wastewater ponds and stormwater runoff impoundments.


Seaman Corp.
800 927 8578;

Engergy-saving style
The Turnils® 2015 Roller Shade collection offers UV protection in indoor and outdoor decorative screens, solids, naturals and blackout fabrics for residential and commercial markets. Available in 49 patterns with flame-retardant, GREENGUARD and Oeko-Tex® certifications.


Turnils North America
+1 770 995 2222;

Resilient recreation
Value Vinyls’ AquaFloat 32-ounce premium coated fabric is designed for inflatable water floatables and raft applications. It offers high tear and tensile strength to hold air under excessive water use and accommodate for puncture resistance. Treated against UV light and mildew, it is available in a variety of fade-resistant colors.

StayFloat 80 is a complex, 80-ounce, drop-stitch base fabric designed for structural integrity, allowing for a stable and rigid surface when inflated. Formulated for long-term outdoor use applications for both salt and filtered water such as inflated surf boards, rafts, boats and docks, it offers resistance to UV light, mildew and chlorine.


Value Vinyls Inc.
877 716 6651;

Extreme protection
Verseidag’s Duraskin® biogas membranes protect against extreme weather and are specifically engineered for storage system applications. The PVC coating is designed to allow for minimal methane permeability as well as UV resistance. Available in different weights and colors, it can be
used in both single- and double-membrane systems.


Verseidag seemee US
+1 864 706 1625;

All-weather vinyl
Sun & Sea is a 15-ounce-per-square-yard vinyl trilaminate with a contemporary embossing over a matte, easy-to-clean finish. Flame-retardant and available in 15 colors, it offers high tear and tensile strength and resistance to mildew, rotting and UV light. Recommended for awnings, canopies, golf enclosures, boat tops and covers, tarps, RV skirts and restaurant side tent panels.


Vicar Intl.
+1 908 964 1200;

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