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Creativity colors ‘Digital Couture’ for N.Y. Fashion Week

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Advanced dye-sublimation printers achieve eye-popping color on a wide range of fabrics, and Epson America Inc., Long Beach, Calif., challenged select fashion designers to use its Epson® SureColor® F-Series printing technology to wow audiences with its capabilities during New York Fashion Week in February.

The 11 designers, most from South America, are early adopters of digital sublimation printing, which allows them to fabricate not just the clothing but the fabric to suit their visions. Those visions included primitive skirts, vests and jackets printed with black, gray and rust-red figures that resembled marble; Kwanza colors on black tie-dyed fabric with patches of color located strategically over different body parts; and skirts and men’s suits resembling impressionist landscapes. The high-speed SureColor F-Series printers produce vivid images with rich colors, intense blacks and smooth color gradations on the fabric, giving designers greater control and flexibility.

The Epson Digital Couture Project displayed original prints of the highest quality unique to each of 11 emerging designers on fabrics that can define their signature styles. “Epson’s dye-sublimation printing technology provides another level of creativity and functionality for young fashion entrepreneurs,” says Agustin Chaco, vice president of subsidiary sales and operations for Epson America Inc. Photos: Frank Ishman

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