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Felix Schoeller adds sublimation paper to product portfolio

Products | June 9, 2015 | By:

Felix Schoeller, a division of the Osnabruck, Germany-based specialty paper manufacturer Felix Schoeller Group, is now offering sublimation papers.

S-RACE, its new sublimation paper, uses a microporous ink-receiving coating to offer significantly shorter drying times, and its unique composition gives the paper greater air permeability. It is also able to absorb water quickly, which means it can be easily used on the latest and fastest sublimation printers without the need for an additional drying unit, significantly shortening the sublimation process. The transferred images or information feature sharp detail and line definition.

The S-RACE product portfolio will initially be available in three different basis weights: 75, 100 and 130 grams per square meter. As well as plotter rolls, larger diameter rolls are also available on request.

Source: Felix Schoeller

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