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Ryze Renewables sets up shop in Texas

Industry News, News | August 19, 2015 | By:

Ryze Renewables has announced that the newly formed company will bring its textile recycling business to Port Arthur, Texas, investing $200 million in two different business lines.

The first will collect textile scrap to make medical and personal care products, luxury garments and packaging. The second will take waste from the first process and use it to manufacture floor tiles. “What we are doing is rejuvenating fiber, taking scraps and putting [them] through a patented process for people all over the world to use,” says Joy Nunn, managing partner. “The process is 100 percent green technology.”

The company estimates that it will bring 500 new full-time jobs to Port Arthur and will produce 10 product lines. Ryze Renewables plans to be operational by July or August 2016.

Source: PA News

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