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Specialty Fabrics Review timeline: 100 years

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For a century, Specialty Fabrics Review has provided credible and accurate industry intelligence to the global specialty fabrics industry. The award-winning magazine delivers timely industry information to help its readers stay informed about their marketplace—and has truly provided trusted information through a century of change.

Specialty Fabrics Review has changed its look several times over the last century, and on more than one occasion has changed its name. The cover of the magazine not only reflects changes in the publishing industry, but changes in the Industrial Fabrics Association International, the specialty fabrics industry and the people it serves.

The current look and name of the magazine was introduced in 2008, along with a new cover concept and interior design. Each month, a member of IFAI is interviewed to share a unique perspective about business practices that have been effective. Topics have included product pricing, ingenuity, safety, innovation, workflow, workforce and product development.
Like many of its readers’ business leaders, Specialty Fabrics Review has demonstrated the resilience and adaptability that have kept the specialty fabrics industry working despite wars, recessions and changing technology.

The timelines below revisit some of the historic events in the last 100 years of the magazine, the industry and the world.

>> Specialty Fabrics Review timeline

>> Specialty Fabrics Review cover timeline

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