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Big Ben doesn’t bend

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The Big Ben patio umbrella is made to resist high winds. Photo: Caravita®
The Big Ben patio umbrella is made to resist high winds. Photo: Caravita®

Few things are more relaxing than enjoying a meal or a drink on an outside patio during the warm months. But the restaurants, resorts, clubs and other venues that provide outdoor space have to plan carefully for the bad weather as well as the good. Wind and storms can wreak havoc with patio umbrellas, furniture and accessories.

Enter Big Ben. It’s a parasol made for the hospitality industry because it looks great while being exceptionally sturdy–especially in strong winds. The 9’11” by 9’11” model even resisted winds of up to 63 mph in wind-tunnel testing.

Made by Caravita®, Gaimersheim, Germany, the umbrella comes in a variety of sizes in diameters up to 19-1/2 feet, making it suitable for everything from large terraces to small cafes. It features premium awning fabric on an aluminum power frame with double-layer power struts for strength and stability. The canopy can be readjusted and secured with the telescopic strut ends to ensure a taut fit.

A crank-operated shade system elongates the mast when closed so tables and chairs don’t need to be removed beforehand. For added strength, Big Ben comes equipped with a stainless steel flange that acts as a mounting fixture to the base and as an alignment tool with a specially designed guide that makes installation easy.

Available in a variety of colors, Big Ben can be customized with extras to include a lighting system, a heating system, gutters, sidewalls and advertising.

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