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‘Batman v Superman’ premier tent is blockbuster

Projects | June 29, 2016 | By:

High-profile, large-scale events are Everything Entertainment’s forte. In 2015, the company put together a quarter mile of tenting for the September 24 visit of Pope Francis and the United Nations General Assembly meeting, both in the same week. Photo: Everything Entertainment.

Everything Entertainment, an event-production company based in Staten Island, N.Y., routinely provides services for red-carpet events, trade shows and outdoor festivals in New York City. When tapped to provide a heated tent covering the exterior of Radio City Music Hall spanning Rockefeller Center to Avenue of the Americas for the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie premier, the company pulled out all the stops. The 500-foot-long tent Everything Entertainment deployed in less than 12 hours had, well, everything.

The unique one-of-a-kind tent’s interior step and repeat process, designed by Craig Waldman of 15/40 Productions, included thousands of feet of subflooring, 50 tons of cement-block weight, glass doors, a heating system, lighting and the furnishings and amenities expected for a high-profile movie launch. Everything Entertainment enlisted a crew of more than 24 staff, flatbed tractor trailers, box trucks and forklifts. Planning even included a contingency plan for an impending snowstorm. Fans lined the streets, 300 of whom were invited into the tent to mingle with the celebrities.

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