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Teijin develops extra-functional nylon fabrics for expanding athleisure business

Industry News, News | August 11, 2016 | By:

Teijin Frontier Co. Ltd., the Teijin Group’s fiber products converting company, has developed new nylon-based materials and related textiles.

DELTAPEAK® and its related textile fabrics are ideal for outdoor, sports and casual wear. Its advantages include lightweight, softness, anti-transparency, strechtability, snag resistance and useful bulkiness.

WAVERON™, a new nylon fiber, is suitable for use in yoga wear and compression garments when mixed with urethane fiber, as well as inner wear and surface fabrics for wadding.

Teijin Frontier plans to release DELTAPEAK® and WAVERON™ in sportswear and outdoor applications for its 2017 spring / summer collections.

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