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Dye derived from cotton plants

Industry News, News | October 17, 2016 | By:

Cotton Incorporated, Cary, N.C., the research and promotion company for cotton, and Archroma, a Switzerland-based leader in color and specialty chemicals, have collaborated to present what they believe is the first-ever dye derived from cotton plant-residues. Cotton Incorporated approached Archroma to develop a dye option that may represent the first opportunity in modern textile history to create and color a fabric using a single plant source. The patented technology addresses two key concerns of the textile industry: sustainability and traceability. The sulfur-based dyes are designed for use on cellulosic fibers, such as cotton. While most dyes in the textile industry are synthetic, using petrochemicals (oil) as a base, this is a biosynthetic alternative that utilizes natural waste from the agricultural or herbal industry.

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