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Minimal gear, maximum adventure

Projects | March 1, 2017 | By:

The Bivouac is not about the tent—it’s about enhancing the motorcycling experience by providing secure, easy-to-assembly shelter in many different outdoor settings. Photos: Expose.

The freedom of the open road. It means getting on your motorcycle and going, not worrying about where or when to stop. The equipment a biker takes along can make all the difference. That’s the idea behind the Bivouac tent designed by Swiss-based Expose, a group of outdoor and motorcycle enthusiasts who prefer to travel light.

Designed to use the motorcycle as part of the structure for setup, the Bivouac offers minimal yet protective shelter for a pure outdoor experience. It sets up in minutes and provides enough room for one person and luggage. A zippered vent enables the user to stand upright on a mattress.

Luggage_StorageThe tent is made from 500 denier Cordura® Classic fabric that is processed with a trademark coating for the highest level of water impermeability. Lightweight and durable, it rolls up into an easy-to-transport pack that’s about five inches in diameter by 18 inches in width. It’s secured with vegetable-tanned leather straps that also serve for mounting.

The Bivouac comes with a peg and pole pocket for assembly; it adjusts to fit any size motorcycle from a low chopper, mid-sized scrambler to a high cross machine. No matter the bike, with this tent the seat is always covered from the rain.

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