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Chair knitted using 3-D technology

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The world’s first truly 3-D knit furniture piece, the Tent Chair combines stretch, support, transparency, padding and 3-D form in one seamless piece. Photos: Layer Design.

The Tent Chair from Benjamin Hubert of the London-based experience design agency Layer Design is laid-back and modern. Created for the renowned Italian furniture brand Moroso, the chair’s fabrication is in itself cutting-edge.

The chair is knitted in one seamless piece using 3-D knitting technology. The fabric is comprised of more than two million knitted loops and 50,000 meters of yarn. Made of 100 percent recyclable nylon, the knit is tensioned using guiding ropes, much like a tent construction. It features sleeves into which a steel frame is easily inserted.

Most importantly, the Tent Chair is comfortable, with generous seating proportions that conform to the shape of the user for maximum support. Steam-activated 3-D-knitted cushions provide additional comfort.

Hubert developed the chair over a two-year period, designing more than 20 prototypes. Digital knitting technology makes manufacturing more efficient and sustainable, because it requires just a single production process and the fabric is all in one piece.

The Tent Chair is designed to be used indoors or out: the integrated cushions are breathable and allow water to pass through. The chair is lightweight and easy to collapse or set up. For additional information, visit

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