Project explores form and movement in architecture

September 1st, 2017 / By: / Projects

Developed as part of a larger project during 2016-2017, La Piel challenged participants to think about form and movement in architecture. Photo: Estudio Invasivo.

Can one visualize the wind? That was one of the ideas explored by Estudio Invasivo or Invasive Study, a Chilean design studio that studies the cardinal logic of architecture and its pedagogical dialogues.

The project, Archetypical Sessions, placed architectural elements in different settings to explore how people interacted with the different scenarios. Participants were asked to consider movement, shape and pattern as well as larger implications from both inside and outside of the installation they were observing.

The design, La Piel, or “The Skin,” offered a way to understand the archetype of the skin in architecture. Constructed using fabric, rope, stones and the direction of the wind, La Piel examined the multiple ways in which a continuous body adapts to the natural conditions of a place. Participants looked at how the natural world affected the shape and patterns of the structure from different angles and points of view.

The other archetypes in the project were El Muro (The Wall), El Vano (The Hollow), El Cielo (The Ceiling) and El Suelo (The Floor). For more information, visit

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