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2017 OFPANZ Awards for Excellence winners

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Thirteen projects were recognized as winners of the 2017 Awards for Excellence competition hosted by The Outdoor Fabric Products Association of New Zealand (OFPANZ). The Awards for Excellence offers OFPANZ members a chance to showcase their technical skills, design excellence and innovation to the industry. Entries are judged on appearance/workmanship, complexity, design/innovation, and functional and environmental awareness.

Category: Green Award & Supreme Award

Coppins Sea Anchors Ltd.

Motueka, New Zealand

Project: Super Yacht Sea Anchor with Integrated Rescue System

Fabric used: High Tenacity Nylon, Dyneema Rope, Spectra Webbing 50 mm, high strength PVC, 75 mm thick bladder material PTF, Heavy Curtain Sider—900 grams PVC, polyester webbing and stainless steel fittings

Supplied by: W Wiggins Ltd., Hampijdan NZ Ltd., Webbings & Tape, Gale Pacific, QCD

The client requested a product designed to withstand storm conditions, but with an easy-to-deploy rescue system, for sale to owners of ocean-going vessels. Coppins Sea Anchors designed the anchor with three new features: a fully integrated towline for quicker, fail-safe recues from much greater distance than previously possible; a new release mechanism for instant deployment once the anchor is clear of the super-yacht; and an innovative compression system that allows the product to be packed easily by one person.

Category: Emerging Innovation

Transport & Marine Covers Ltd.

Nelson, New Zealand

Project: Golden Bay Rec Centre Acoustic Panels

Fabric used: Batyline Aw

Supplied by: Baytex

The client requested acoustic panels in a gym and squash court inside a newly built community recreation center. The acoustic solution needed to be lightweight, practical in terms of cleaning and perform well in an earthquake situation. Transport & Marine Covers manufactured eight panels for the main gym, two end panels to enclose the eight panel area and a separation wall above the squash courts.

Category: Awnings

Duncan’s Canvas Ltd.

Hamilton, New Zealand

Project: Riverside Retractable

Fabric used: Serge Ferrari 502 Précontraint

Supplied by: W Wiggins Ltd.

The brief was to provide a covered, stylish outdoor entertainment area with a retractable roof and the ability to be enclosed with clear screens. The complexity was having anchors float past an existing glass wall so the entire deck, including the glass balustrade, would be protected from the elements. As well as the existing glass paneling, Duncan’s Canvas also had to work around a sink bench and associated plumbing. The result was an area enclosed by spring-assisted clear screens creating an all-weather outdoor living area where one can still pull back the roof and see the stars.

Category: Blinds & Screens

Dave Giddens Sailmakers

Auckland, New Zealand

Project: Glass Atrium Shade

Fabric used: Carrflex PVC Mesh

Supplied by: Carr Group

Although spectacular, the hexagonal glass central atrium was causing serious overheating issues on this new-build in West Auckland. Six custom triangular shade blinds were developed and integrated into the building and its automation system. The solution immediately provided the required relief from the sun, allowing the owner to finally move in. The solution complements the design aesthetic of the home and looks great whether the blinds are extended or retracted.


Category: Marine Fabrication

Fabric Structure Systems

Whangarei, New Zealand

Project: FPB 78-2

Fabric used: Stamoid

Supplied by: Top Fab/QCD

Fabric Structure Systems was presented with the task of creating a bimini top and clear screens that would appear as a hard top and glass to the eye. Weight was the key factor involved, so glass and modern roofing materials were ruled out and replaced with lightweight neutral PVC solutions. High-frequency welding on all seaming, minimal sewing with PTFE thread and all tensioning to be hidden from sight were requested by the designer. The outcome spoke for itself.

Category: Upholstery

Hawkes Bay Trim and Canvas Ltd.

Hastings, New Zealand

Project: Stus Bike

Fabric used: Ultramarine

Supplied by: QCD

The customer had recently spent a lot of money to change the style and color of his bike, so Hawkes Bay Trim and Canvas’ job was to put the final cherry on top by delivering a custom designed motorbike seat. Patterns were made and the use of two different grains of vinyl gave it unique detail.

Category: Domestic Shade Structure

0800 Sunshade Ltd.

Hastings, New Zealand

Project: Wada Shade Sail

Fabric used: Mocha Z16 Shade Cloth

Supplied by: Rainbow Shade

The client initially desired visual privacy for his pool patio. This was created in 3-D CAD design for sign-off by the client showing different angles and shade fall, working around a precious garden and the restricting pool. Once this was constructed the client wished to expand the shaded area using existing poles. The shapes and the Mocha Z16 shade fabric blended in well to exceed the customer’s expectations.

Category: Commercial Shade Structure

Duncan’s Canvas Ltd.

Hamilton, New Zealand

Project: Zoo Tree

Fabric used: Comshade

Supplied by: W Wiggins Ltd.

A pleasant shaded spot for unobstructed viewing of rhinoceroses at Hamilton Zoo was made possible by Duncan’s Canvas’ shade sail design and installation efforts. The tree-shaped shade sail replaced a dead tree and blends perfectly with the environment. Colored mesh was used to merge with the tree color and the steel support resembles branches of a tree cantilevered from a central “trunk” so that no poles block the view.

Category: Tension Structures & Canopies (less than 50 square meters)

Fresco Shades NZ Ltd.

Auckland, New Zealand

Project: Project Podbielski

Fabric used: Ferrari 502

Supplied by: W Wiggins Ltd.

The client was building a BBQ/pizza oven with a chimney in an outdoor entertainment area of his house. The brief was to cover the area and fit the roof around the chimney. Detailed plans were needed and look was important. Decking was taken up and posts had to go through the deck with additional timber structures under the decking to support the posts. The cover was pre-made in one piece with a chimney hole and installers had to lift the cover over the chimney and tension it around the edges. Special flashings were installed against the weatherboard wall.

Category: Tension Structures & Canopies (51–100 square meters)

Baytex Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Project: Mangatawa Entry Canopy

Fabric used: Serge Ferrari 902

Supplied by: Serge Ferrari

The client requested a free-standing contemporary covered fabric canopy to receive visitors to the main office. The building is designed to represent a whale’s tail in keeping with “The Legend of Mangatawa.” The canopy design and shape represent the connection of the building to the land and incorporate a 5-meter custom-made Maori carving by a local artist.

Category: Tension Structures & Canopies (greater than 100 square meters)

Baytex Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Project: Softbank Team Japan

Fabric used: Serge Ferrari 802

Supplied by: Innova

The purpose of the job was to provide two separate workshop spaces to house a high-performance catamaran and its aerofoil wing-sail, which was both re-locatable and able to stand up to the rigid building regulations of the island nation where the tent would primarily reside. Each space has a custom-built container workshop for work on the different parts of the catamaran. Key words from the Design Brief were “clean” and “contemporary.”

Category: Recreational “Other”

Tasman Canvas

Motueka, New Zealand

Project: Tussock Country Bell Tent

Fabric used: Billabong

Supplied by: Contender NZ

The clients were glamping owners requesting unique and robust tents to meet the Southland environmental conditions. Designs were based on the classic European Bell tent—a conical faceted tent with low walls and a peaked doorway. Tasman created more wall height and space for windows, added side poles in external pockets to create stability and developed a door peak frame to facilitate removal of the central door pole to create unrestricted access and views. Each tent has two three-way windows and internal bug mesh doors.

Category: Tents, Marquees & Air Inflated Structures

Canvasland Holdings Ltd.

Levin, New Zealand

Project: Inflatable Fodder Beet

Fabric used: Bainflate

Supplied by: QCD

The client requested an inflatable that represented a fodder beet, a crop grown from seed for cows. The inflatable was conceptualized, designed and manufactured to create awareness of the relatively new crop and maximize their brand exposure. The challenge was forming the inflatable into both a 2-D and 3-D shape. Bainflate was used as a base for the application of graphics by airbrushing. A removable ply base was inserted in a separate chamber at the base of the inflatable and an internal blower inflated the fodder beet.

Sammi Jones is the assistant editor of Specialty Fabrics Review.

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