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National Women’s Business Council releases study on women entrepreneurs

October 18th, 2017 / By: / Industry News, News

The National Women’s Business Council released a second part of an important study on the necessity of entrepreneurs who are women, titled Necessity as a Driver of Women’s Entrepreneurship: Her Stories.

The study offers observations derived from case studies of nine diverse women business owners. For the report, the nine women discussed their entrepreneurial experiences in context of the new model of necessity entrepreneurship and provided new insights on when, and how, women launch businesses to
respond to any number of concerns encountered in their professional lives. The case studies allowed researchers to evaluate the new model of necessity entrepreneurship, finding that entrepreneurial motivations exist on a continuum, women may choose entrepreneurship due to gender-specific issues, and perhaps most importantly, NWBC’s model captures a diversity of circumstances—beyond emergency economic need or a disruptive business idea—that motivate women to become entrepreneurs.

For more findings, read the full report here.

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