Aesthetics | 2017

ELEGANT WINDOWS  |  |  +41 62 919 62 62


Orion decoration fabric offers a contemporary geometric design in earthy color tones. The metal yarn spreads netlike across the opaque linen quality and forms an ornamental grid texture. Recommended for curtains or sheers.

Création Baumann

LIGHTWEIGHT DURABILITY  |  |  954 942 3600

Stam 6002L is a durable material with a natural fiber woven appearance. It is recommended for awnings, canopies, fixed umbrellas, small tents and other light structures. Available in 15 colors, it is phthalate-free and GreenGuard certified. The light material features long-term dirt resistance due to its matte PVDF surface treatment.

Serge Ferrari North America

COLORFUL CHOICES  |  |  248 855 6000


Made with Crypton technology, Alias acts as both a décor statement and design-conscious barrier against moisture, odor and stains. Available in six colorways, it features a series of vibrant shapes and an opulent satin weave atop a contrasting
matte background.


A new addition to the Crypton collection, Mandalay is a modern take on a traditional damask with a textured appeal. Offered  in eight saturated colorways.


Virtual features Crypton performance technology and is offered in six colorways. Durable and easy to maintain, it showcases texture variation and bold colors.


Featuring INCASE superior stain, odor and microbial protection by Crypton, Apex is offered in five colorways. Manufactured in the USA, it is designed with bright pops of colors and shapes.


VERSATILE PRIVACY  |  |  866 902 9647


Avila Twilight privacy shade can be utilized for both interior and exterior design with complete light control. The shade is offered in nine colors and is treated with Duraguard® Fabric Protector to resist stains and Sanitized® Antimicrobial Protection to resist mold and mildew. It is fire-resistant and eliminates up to 96 percent of glare and shadows.

Mermet USA

COASTAL CUSHIONING  |  |  205 345 2120


Spanish Cove was designed as a subtle nod to the coastal lifestyle. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, it is recommended for use in awnings, umbrellas, wrapped furniture and padded slings.


DURABLE FINISHES  |  |  800 221 1540


The 3MDI-NOC Exterior Series includes 24 standard stock patterns with woodgrain, metallic single color and abstract designs. The exterior architectural cladding material provides no-mess installation with consistent finishes and is recommended for awnings, storefronts, walls and other architectural features.


STYLING SHADE  |  |  707 587 2555


Vineyard, a decorative awning collection by Keyston Bros., is 100 percent reversible. The collection is made from Sunbrella® awning yarns, on a jacquard loom, and the width of the fabric is 54 inches. It passes California #117 and is
offered in five colors.

Keyston Bros.

Decorative webbing  |  |  440 327 0485

Recommended for use on waist belts, sporting goods, medical and animal applications, Decorative Embossed BioThane® is available on BioThane’s TPU and PVC coated webbing. Its customizable options make it best suited for branding. It is available in up to 4-inch widths in a variety of colors.

BioThane Coated Webbing