Printability | 2017

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Eye-catching display

Designed for the wide-format print market, DigiCompetition is a lightweight display fabric engineered with a print-receptive coating. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant and recommended for use with a variety of ink chemistries. It is REACH-compliant and meets NFPA 701 FR specifications.


DigiPanorama has a uniquely formulated coating that enhances the performance of graphics when printed with latex inks. It is REACH-compliant, meets NFPA 701 FR specifications and provides options in ink compatibility for both UV and latex. The knitted polyester blend is recommended for the retail graphics market.

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Eco-friendly arts

A range of specially coated fabrics made up of synthetic or natural fibers, Decoprint® textile solutions allow print businesses to use their existing UV, latex and solvent printers to create textile graphics. Designed for print and spray applications, the fabrics allow graphics businesses to diversify into textiles without needing to immediately invest in new equipment. PVC-free and environmentally friendly.

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Life-size graphics

DD 7375 Feather Flag has been specially treated for direct dye-sublimation printing and is compatible with the industry’s direct-to-fabric printers. The 100 percent polyester fabric is flame-retardant and passes NFPA-701. Recommended for retail outdoor advertising and trade show markets.


GF 4395 Semi-Glossy Art Canvas is a blended canvas, made in the U.S., with a natural white finish. It has a specially designed top coat that provides a wide color gamut and offers consistent photo quality imaging for creating posters, banners and exhibit graphics. The polyester/cotton blend gives the canvas the right amount of stretch to be wrapped over stretcher bars or frames.


Named for its light-blocking capabilities, GF 8880 Opaque White provides cost savings in both material and labor. The three-layered fabric creates a 100 percent enclosed print surface for deep graphic detail. Because of its thickness and opacity, it is recommended for single-sided or double-sided banners and is compatible with dye-sublimation and UV printing. The fabric is flame-retardant and meets NFPA-701.

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Solar versatility

Designed for shade sails and outdoor visual communication, SunSilk Perla is a lightweight PVC-free fabric that makes handling and fabricating easier. It is waterproof, shrinkproof and provides maximum UV protection. A fluorocarbon
finish holds airborne pollutants at bay, keeping the fabric clean and fresh-looking with
minimal maintenance.


VuScreen is a versatile fabric designed primarily for solar screens or shade sails. Fluorocarbon-treated yarns keep the fabric fresh and clean-looking with minimal maintenance. VuScreen comes in a metalized version which increases solar reflectivity.
The yarns are non-absorbent and the open weave allows water and air to easily transpire, making it well-suited for
fast-drying cushions for
sling-type furniture.

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Lightweight logo

The Decolit 251 line of print fabrics uses lightweight materials that hang flat and will not stretch or curl at the edges. The fabrics are manufactured with Précontraint® technology that maintains the material under tension throughout the manufacturing cycle. Decolit is available in two backlit options and is flame-retardant and 100 percent recyclable with Texyloop®. Recommended applications for Decolit are displays and banners.

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Racing colors

Baintex500 Canopy Fabric is a 100 percent polyester blend with a balanced print-receptive coating. The UV- and mildew-resistant material is a recommended choice for race car awnings, canopies, tents and gazebos. The fabric is print-receptive on both sides and has print compatibility with most solvent, UV and latex print formats.