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Cooling vest for firefighters

Projects | January 1, 2018 | By:

Heat-resistant and flame-retardant vest effectively reduces body temperature and heart rate with self-contained fans and moisture permeable fabrics. Photo: Teijin Limited.

Heat exhaustion, cramps and heat stroke are very real dangers to firefighters. Not only are they in a hot environment, but often protective gear traps heat and inhibits the body’s natural ability to cool itself through sweat and moisture evaporation from the skin.

Teijin Limited, Tokyo, Japan, has introduced a cooling vest that protects firefighters by promoting sweat absorption, quick drying and moisture permeability.

The vest features small electric fans that pull in outside air for up to eight hours, and has three layers of fabric, the outermost of which is made with Teijinconex®, a heat-resistant, flame-retardant meta-aramid fiber. The middle and inner layers are made with highly functional polyester fabrics that are moisture permeable to absorb sweat and dry quickly.
The vest is flexible and comfortable to wear, and its cooling ability helps firefighters maintain performance and energy levels on the job.

Teijin is collaborating with LHD Group Deutschland GmbH, a Cologne, Germany-based provider of protective clothing, to offer the vest to the European protective apparel market in spring 2018. To learn more, visit

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