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Traft: it’s a tent, it’s a raft

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Traft is ready for water adventures and tenting on land. It will be available in summer 2018. Photos: Traft.

Outdoor adventurers appreciate keeping things light by traveling only with necessary equipment. Gear that does double duty is particularly useful. That’s where Traft™ comes in. It’s a tent—and it’s a raft. Take it whitewater rafting, then set it up (on land) for a good night’s sleep.

Traft is the brainchild of adventurer Evan Glassman, founder and director of Salt Lake City-based Utah Contract Sewing. The design combines a packraft, a small, portable inflatable boat, with a tent that is extra comfy because it comes with an inflated mattress.

Made from material including advanced thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Traft is durable enough to handle ocean adventures and class 1-4 rivers. It’s also easy to take along for family adventures and floating on quiet water. It’s abrasion-resistant, breathable and odorless, resistant to low temperatures and will not harden over time. When it’s time to turn the packraft into a tent, a dome attaches to the raft’s D-rings. The inflatable floor pad slides on top of the flat raft floor for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Traft comes in 96-inch, 102-inch and stand-up paddleboard sizes. The 96-inch model weighs a total of 12.5 pounds including the raft, tent, floor insert and backseat. The 102-inch model all-inclusive weighs 13.01 pounds, and the standup paddleboard tent and raft weighs three pounds. All models pack down to fit a backpack.

Available accessories will include dry bags, thigh straps and other bags/packs. For more information, visit

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