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Double Vision exhibition explores spaces with thread

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Visitors to the art piece “Double Vision” were immersed in its concept. A series of meditation classes were held inside the installation, offering the opportunity to reflect and relax. Photos: Jeongmoon Choi.

Artist Jeongmoon Choi is known for creating dramatic installations that draw the viewer into a transformed environment. Born in Seoul and based in Berlin, Choi often explores the contrast between eastern and western culture in her art. She works with thread as her primary medium, creating otherworldly spaces with rooms and locations as her canvas.

Recently, Choi was commissioned to create an installation for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation’s first landmark exhibition of 2018. Called “Double Vision,” the exhibition explored dichotomies of interest to Choi—light and darkness, line and space, digital and analogue. In creating her art, Choi combines inspiration with deliberate and precise planning. A new space can move her to walk through the room with a thread in her hand and search for new forms in her own movements.

The artist created two site-specific installations in two contrasting environments within the Hong Kong art gallery HART Haus. The larger work was created in a darkened room using threads sourced from her native South Korea that were illuminated by UV lighting.

Viewers were immersed in the environment as they walked through the installation. The UV-lit threads seemed to vibrate, creating a doubling effect that offered simultaneous perceptions of two overlapping movements created within the threads. Ultimately, “Double Vision” challenged people to perceive their environment in a new and unique way. For more information, visit

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