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Labor saving products for productivity

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Slick tent setup

Rainier’s High Peak tent system provides an elegant, streamlined look with a frame design that allows for quick and easy installation without tools. The system features a flying center pole tension top with a catenary (arched) design and does not use interior support poles, maximizing usable space. The tent comes in a vinyl color-coded bag for easy storage and identification, and optional color flags are available to complement and add pizazz.

Rainier Industries Ltd., Seattle, Wash., U.S.A.

800 869 7162,

Savvier software

Easy Cut Studio version 4.1.03 vinyl cutting software offers enhanced layout, design, text and production features for professional sign-making and sign-production processes. The newest version supports a wider variety of vinyl cutters, including Mutoh, Fenta, Roland GS and others. New software features include additional SVG support, Text to Outlines conversion capabilities, and the ability
to work on multiple layers at once.

Easy Cut Studio, Madison, Del., U.S.A.

Comfortable coating

Covestro’s INSQIN® coating products enable the effective waterproof and breathable coating of textiles using waterborne technology. The coatings are applied in a two-layer system using newly developed polyurethane dispersion products to enhance the performance of outdoor sportswear and provide increased functionality and comfort. The solvent-free coatings make textile production more eco-friendly and easier to handle, with waterproofing performance that stands up to heavy rain and repeated washing.

Covestro AG, Leverkusen, Germany

+49 214 60092000,

Multifunction cutter

The new integrated multifunction cutter from JTE Machines showcases the marriage of automation and fabric welding. Specifically designed for cutting and marking flexible materials, the automatic flatbed or conveyor cutting machine has a modular and compact design that accommodates roll widths up to 21 feet. With motorized high-speed and versatile cutting tools, and an easy-to use-interface with advanced application software, it offers high cutting quality for awnings, inflatables and tensile structures.

JTE Machines, Orange Park, Fla., U.S.A.

800 355 4583,

Digital versatility

Mouvent’s TX801 digital textile inkjet ultra-compact printer prints with up to eight colors and can complete
up to 50 percent of the print jobs in a single pass, delivering excellent productivity without compromising quality. The printer uses clusters instead of fixed-size print bars by color, arranged in a modular, scalable matrix, which can easily be adapted to all substrates of all widths. With an optical resolution of up to 2,000 dpi, the printer can process knitted, woven and nonwoven textiles with a maximum fabric width of
1,820 mm with roll diameters of up to 400 mm.

Mouvent AG, Solothurn, Switzerland

+41 58 255 25 50,

Heartier hand press

The ClipsShop® CSBUR-1 Grommet Press is a hand press designed for curtain eyelets and tarp grommets that comes with a two-step die and alignment fixture to improve productivity. The press is engineered with magnified force to provide the leverage needed to apply large size #12 (40 mm) eyelets. Coupled with the Large GrommetSniper and adapter, users simply load the material once and uniformly locate the distance between the eyelets. The press eliminates the need to handle material multiple times
and can be used freestanding or bench mounted., Dighton, Mass., U.S.A.

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