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Sports bags double as life rafts

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Waterproof and airproof, the Pro Drybag can float on water and still protect gear. It also doubles as a makeshift life raft, even fully packed. Photo: Subtech Sports.

Tough, waterproof, multi-purpose—that’s the standard for outdoor bags these days. Design company Subtech Sports has taken things to a new level with version 2.0 of its rugged Pro Drybags.

Subtech Sports was founded by Eric Lyth after an experience with kayaking in Australia’s Sydney harbor. He witnessed an eight-foot shark break the surface of the water right in front of him but couldn’t capture the experience because he’d left his phone safely on shore. That moment, Lyth decided he wanted to develop waterproof solutions for phones and other electronics. Established in 2011 in Australia, the company has since expanded to Sweden.

With a rating down to 164 feet, the new line of Pro Drybags takes waterproofing to the extreme. Made of rugged thermoplastic polyurethane fabric, the bags feature welded seams and air- and waterproof zippers and are pressure-tested to 7 psi. A shockproof inflatable liner provides extra protection for electronics.

The bag is available in three sizes: The 45-liter sports bag/backpack weighs 1.75 pounds and features an additional inflatable inner liner system for ultimate protection of valuable electronics; the 100-liter bag weighs 5.5 pounds and comes with an internal divider system; the 95-liter tote weighs just 1.4 pounds and has an internal mesh pocket for small storables. For more information, visit

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