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A pocket-sized washing machine

Swatches | August 1, 2019 | By:

The Scrubba Mini washes on the go, helping campers, hikers and vacationers pack lighter. Photo: Kickstarter.

When you’re hiking and camping, sometimes all you want is to freshen your clothing. But, short of beating your socks against the rocks, there usually aren’t many good options on the trail. Calibre8, the Australian creator of the original five-ounce Scrubba wash bag, has introduced an even lighter model weighing in at 2.5 ounces. Scrubba Mini is super compact, yet it does the job of laundering two pairs of socks and underwear in one wash, or even a shirt or pair of shorts. A quick wash takes 30 seconds, and a machine-quality wash is done in about three minutes.

It’s just a matter of inserting the clothing into the bag and adding water and detergent. The bag is sealed and clipped just like a dry bag, and deflated using a twist valve. The Scrubba Mini contains a knubby washboard, and as it is rubbed from the outside, the clothing is cleaned, and then removed to rinse and dry.

Made of polyether TPU-coated nylon fabric, the Scrubba Mini features high-frequency welded seams for durability, and includes a TPU window to check on the wash. For more information, visit

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