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Living on the edge with the G7 POD

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The G7 POD is easy to carry and set up for a night’s sleep. It packs down into its own inflation bag measuring just 16 by 8 by 6 inches. Photos: Grade VII Equipment.

Imagine you’re climbing up a sheer rockface, and you want to take a break. If you’re a rock climber on an extended expedition, this scenario is quite conceivable. However, one of the problems is gear. A traditional framed hanging tent system known as a portaledge weighs as much as 16 pounds or more—a lot of extra weight to haul up the side of a cliff.   

Grade VII Equipment, a Canadian climbing equipment company, is launching a lightweight alternative that could push the boundaries of climbing. The company’s G7 POD weighs just 3.3 pounds yet is tough enough to sleep on while suspended from the side of a mountain. 

Made of a 235D high-tenacity nylon laminated with TPU, the pod inflates into a rigid platform using an included inflation bag. The air valve, made by Sea to Summit, locks safely into place. 

The G7 can be hung on a vertical wall, a sharp mountain ridge or even a round object like a tree. A six-point suspension system keeps it level, no matter where it’s hung. With 30 inches by 84 inches of sleeping space, the pod is also comfortable. It comes with a fully insulated sleeping mat, so lugging an extra pad isn’t necessary. Two pods can be hung bunkbed style or side-to-side to create a double ledge. 

In case of bad weather, a storm shelter is available and stored in a sack above the G7. It can be deployed quickly to form a weatherproof seal around one or two pods. For more information, visit

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