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Anti-stink athletic wear

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Patent-pending in 120 countries, Prema™ fabric combines super-soft cotton with an eco-friendly anti-stink technology for workout wear that stays clean and fresh. Photo: Accel Lifestyle.

Your daily exercise routine doesn’t have to include smelly T-shirts: That’s the idea behind a new line of exercise gear designed to be anti-stink and pro-environment. Launched by Megan Eddings, a chemist who was tired of athletic wear that retained odors even after multiple washings, Accel Lifestyle offers an eco-friendly answer to a smelly problem. Eddings searched for anti-stink clothing but was unhappy to discover that the options were covered in chemicals or made in sweatshops overseas. She decided to go into the lab and solve her own problem.

Eddings understood that bacteria from sweat causes the smell. So after three years of antimicrobial testing, she developed Prema, a fabric that naturally blocks out bacteria. The trade secret-protected scientific process employs silver science to inhibit the growth of the smell-causing bacteria, focusing on Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Because bacteria won’t seep into the fabric in the first place, apparel stays fresh and clean, even after multiple workouts and washes. 

The clothing line features tees and tanks for men and women, made of super-soft Supima® cotton embedded with the anti-stink technology. All ingredients are EPA-registered and formulated with no harsh chemicals or solvents. In keeping with Eddings no-sweatshop rule, the apparel is 100 percent sourced and made in the USA. Even the packaging is sustainable—it’s100 percent biodegradable. For more information, visit

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