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Ski jacket for smarter sweating

Swatches | February 1, 2020 | By:

HYDRO_BOT technology matches sweat rates of the human body, eliminating sweat 10 times more effectively than ordinary membranes. The more moisture the skier produces, the faster it works. Photo: KJUS.

It may be cold on the slopes, but on a downhill run it’s easy to build up sweat. Skiers understand all too well the discomfort of sweat trapped inside clothing. The post-activity chill that results from having saturated inner garments is not only uncomfortable, it’s hard on your muscles and can make you sick. 

What if there was a jacket that could eliminate sweat at the touch of a button? The premium Swiss sports apparel brand KJUS has introduced the 7SPHERE HYDRO_BOT, a ski jacket that incorporates HYDRO_BOT smart sweat technology, which pumps moisture away from the body and out of the jacket.

The process, called electro-osmosis, was developed and patented by the Swiss technology company Osmotex in collaboration with the Swiss research institute Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Minerals Science and Technology, and fabric developer Schoeller®. Two panels are placed on the high-sweat zone of the back of the jacket; both feature an electronic, user-controlled membrane that consists of trillions of pores per square meter surrounded by conductive fabric. The pores become micro-pumps when a slight electrical pulse is applied, actively pumping sweat out of the jacket quickly and efficiently. 

The pumping system can be switched on and off with a control unit on the jacket or with an iPhone and Android app. For more information, visit

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